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Recommended Reading

"Company Aytch or A Side Show of the Big Show" by: Sam Watkins: Simply the BEST book ever written!

"Myths Of American Slavery" by: Walter D. Kennedy: "No subject has been more generally misunderstood or more persistently misrepresented." - Jefferson Davis

"When in the Course of Human Events Arguing the Case for Southern Secesion" by; Charles Adams: "This is the best written, most accurate account of the causes and meaning of the American Civil War. . . . A fantastic book!" - John V. Denson, Auburn University

"The Real Lincoln" by: Thomas J. DiLorenzo: "Professor DiLorenzo has penetrated to the very heart and core of American history with a laser beam of fact and analysis." - Clyde Wilson. professor of history, University of South Carolina, and editor, The John C. Calhoun Papers