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The Maury Grays usually have about 4 Maximum Efforts a year. We require that the members attend 3 out of those 4 Max efforts. If we have 5 Max efforts in a given year we will require 4 out of 5 Max efforts. Each man's situation will be given due consideration and if he is not able to make but 2 of the 4 or 3 of the 5, and yet does make several non-Max efforts, they will be held to his credit.
The Maury Grays drill on every 3rd Sunday of each month at 2pm at Elm Springs Mansion in Columbia. The exceptions to that will be when we have an event scheduled for that date. On such occasion, that event will be counted as one drill and one event. We expect each man to make 60% of the drills.
Each event that is not a Max effort, which is the most part of our schedule for the year, is not required attendance but is at your discretion. Non-Max efforts will not be counted against your attendance. But, if you are lacking in drills and Max effort attendance you may want to attend as many of these as possible.
Attendance for Officers and NCO' order to run for any of these positions we expect your attendance to be given more mandatory than the enlisted men. The officers are to set an example not only in behavior but also in attendance and performance of duty, to the remainder of the unit. A unit cannot function properly with a repeatedly missing Capt., Lt., 1st Sgt., 1st Corp., etc. Anyone expecting to run for any of these positions must already have exemplary attendance or he will not qualify.
Your continued membership will be determined by these regulations and if it is determined that you are falling far short of the support required, you will be dropped from our rolls. In the case someone has been determined not to meet the requirements for attendance, someone will be assigned to contact them by phone or in person to inquire as to reason. It then shall be brought before a quorum to determine course of action to be taken, i.e. loss of vote, probation, dismissal or nothing at all.

3. Authenticity

The Maury Grays, Co. H, will make all reasonable effort toward setting an example for authenticity. Our unit goals simply cannot be achieved any other way.

A. No member will be allowed to participate in a public event that does not meet minimum authenticity requirements.

B. An inspection will be held at every event to insure that each man is in compliance with regulations. The Commanding Officer will make any necessary judgments.

C. Every effort will be made to avoid the open display of post 1865 objects at events. Wrist watches, sunglasses, class rings,earings, etc. will not be worn. Modern eyeglasses must be replaced by contact lenses or period frames by new memberís 1st Max effort, or do without.

D. Cigarette smokers must substitute pipes, cigars, etc., or smoke out of sight of the public and other reenactors.

E. Cameras will be used with discretion. Radios are not permitted.

F. Since the Maury Grays are an infantry regiment, every man will be required to assemble and drill on command at events.

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