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A. In order to preserve authenticity, the company will have no more than one (1) Officer or NCO per six privates.

B. NO ONE will wear any rank insignia, WHATSOEVER, without having been duly elected by the Company to that rank.

C. NO ONE with less than one (1) full year of membership shall be considered for rank above private.

D. Any Officer or NCO may be demoted against his will by the Captain or by a petition of signatures representing 2/3 of the Company.

E. Age requirements for rank are 18 years of age for Corporal and up. 16 for High Pvt.


A. Votes on all Company policy will be held at Max effort events. Should for reason a vote is needed before such an event, it may be called for with two (2) week notification of all members.

B. Election of Officers and NCO's will be held at the last Max effort of the year. If this cannot be done, same conditions as in A. will apply.

C. A quorum of 51% of the line and 51% of the officers and NCO's is required for policy votes and elections.

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