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A. Dues are twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per family or single member per year.

B. To remain in good standing dues must be paid by the 1st drill or event of the year.
Members are encouraged to pay by check as to simplify record keeping.


A. Each member in good standing shall receive a monthly newsletter. Members are expected to notify the editor of any news or announcements, which should be printed.

B. A Company Muster (roster), containing the name, rank, address, phone and email of each member shall be kept and distributed to the membership annually.

A. At all events, each man will strive to behave in an authentic, military manner, particularly when in the presence of the public and other reenactment units. This includes paying appropriate respect to superior rank, and following orders.

B. Officers WILL NOT abuse the authority of their rank

C. As we are a family oriented unit with women and children present from time to time, we will not tolerate foul language or the telling of off color jokes in their presence. Also, we will not tolerate drunkenness in our camp.

D. All Federal, State, local laws and event rules will be obeyed.

E. Unsafe horseplay will not be allowed, particularly in formation.

F. Disrespect for the Southern Cause will not be tolerated.

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