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A. The safety rules set forth by host will always be obeyed.

B. Knives, swords, bayonets and pistols must be carried in appropriate period sheaths, scabbards, or holsters. Keepers are recommended for knives.

C. Max powder charge for 58 cal. rifles is 60 grains. For 69 cal., 80 grains.

D. Cartridges will be carried in a cartridge box - NOT IN POCKETS - tins are highly recommended. Any extra rounds will be carried (wrapped in tinfoil or boxed) in haversack or knapsack.

E. No one shall fire directly at a person closer than 80 ft. at any time.

F. There shall be no discharging of firearms without an Officer's command or permission.

G. Ramrods are NEVER to be pulled on the field of battle except by designated Sgt., behind the lines, to clear a rifle. Bayonets will be fixed by orders only.

H. All members are advised to keep physically fit due to the sometimes strenuous nature of reenacting.

I. No one will handle a loaded firearm within eight (8) hours of consuming alcohol.

9.Uniforms and Equipage
for uniforms and weapons see the Equipment Regs Link