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A. Military discipline of the unit will be the responsibility of the unit Commander on an individual basis.

B. The Company Commander, Lieutenant, and 1st Sgt. conferring will deal with misconduct of any individual.

C. Automatic dismissal from th
e unit will occur if: 1. Any member is convicted of a crime. 2. Any member is found a member of any hate group. 3. Any member bringing embarrassment to the unit by their actions during the course of an event. 4. Insulting or otherwise embarrassing spouses of members.

D. Other causes for dismissal from the unit will be on an individual basis, brought before the Company Commander, Officer Corps, senior NCO's, are but not limited to: 1. Non-participation 2. Non-payment of dues 3. Misuse of Company and/or members equipment 4. Failure to comply with Section 8, CONDUCT, of this document.


A. Any complaints will be dealt with on an individual basis by a board consisting of the following: 1. Unit Commander 2. Lieutenant 3. 1st Sgt. 4. 1st Corporal 5. High Pvt.

B. Any and all complaints will be submitted to the 1st Sgt., in writing, stating the nature of the complaint, against whom it is directed, and the facts or events leading to the complaint.

C. Anyone not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint review and board recommendation can call for a unit review of the complaint within five (5) days of initial review. 1. Unit membership can recommend to the review what they feel is needed action. 2. If the unit membership recommends to the review board to take different action concerning the complaint, then this recommendation shall be followed with overall responsibility of the outcome now becoming everyone's burden. 3. If the initial review board decision is upheld, then the complaint is closed.


A. Company meetings will be held at all events to discuss complaints, membership applications, etc.

B. Company Commander may call Officer and NCO meetings as he shall see fit.